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  • Test Tags

    Identify the safety aspects of your business. Colour code, mark with felt-tip pen or punch the date of the test. Screen-print standard operating procedures, safeguard your employees and equipment, warn users of current defects.

    Preview Plastics will stand the test for quality and reliability.

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  • Signs

    Screen printed plastic signs up to 600 x 760 mm from .25 to 6 mm thick.

    Cut to any shape, round cornered or hole punched. Can be used for price advertising, written on with a felt tip pen and erased for re-use.

    Gravoply signs can be engraved with individual members names. Ideal for alphabet sets for removable letter signs. We print on gravoply, acrylic, styrene, coreflute, polypropylene and ABS.

    Preview Plastics, the first sign of good advertising.

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  • Self Adhesive Stickers

    We print long lasting colourful stickers for display stands, windows, bumpers etc.

    They can be white or clear vinyl suitable for outdoors and gold or silver mylar may be used indoors. They can be consecutively numbered for parking permits.

    If you’ve got a good thing… sticker it, with a Preview sticker.

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  • Plastic Charts

    Wherever durability is important, we can print plastic charts to show machine loadings, recommended settings, electrical circuits, instructions, conversions etc.

    Can be written on with felt tip pens, or signature panels can be printed with matt finish to enable ball point pens to be used. Holes or eyelets can be incorporated.

    Preview Plastics… the name on the top of the charts.

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  • Placemats

    Vinyl or hard, tough polypropylene table mats for restaurants or souvenirs.

    The place mat surface can be screen printed or offset paper prints can be sealed behind a clear layer.

    Can be made in various sizes.

    Place your name where it matters… on a Preview place mat.

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  • Membership & Business Cards

    Cut to any size, plastic membership cards offer great durability and flexibility.

    Cards can be used as a pre-paid visit or purchase card by featuring an area to be punched as the card is used.

    Signature panels can be printed and cards can be consecutively numbered.

    Polypropylene business cards create a real point of difference and will stay legible and functional far beyond any card option.

    Innovative printing and die cut shapes add a unique element.

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  • Letter Sets

    We print letter & symbol sets for movable letter signs to suit all purposes.

    For indoor or outdoor usage, let us recommend the best plastic for the job.

    Choose the font, size and colours, we’ll do the rest!

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  • Plastic Tags & Labels

    Weather proof durable tags used as identification tags on equipment or luggage labels etc. Can be used as fault tags or stock control labels, written on with a felt tip pen or pencil and erased for re-use. Customised shape, colour, size, hole punching, printing etc.

    Identify with quality the Preview Plastics way.

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  • Golf Bag Tags

    Used for identification at golf tournaments or to prove current club membership, cisks can be consecutively numbered and attached to golf bags with ball chains or plastic straps.

    Don’t play “a round” with any other bag tags.

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  • Fire Equipment Signs

    We supply over 25 different types of identification signs for fire extinguishers etc.
    Most are available from stock, printed on polystyrene or the tougher ABS material. Weather proof and rust proof, easy to drill and mount or adhere to walls etc.

    Preview Plastics, a sure fire sign of quality.

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  • Drink Coasters

    We manufacture a range of souvenir and promotional drink coasters.

    Many shapes can be supplied, with styles ranging from soft vinyl, cardboard re-inforced vinyl or die cut from tough polypropylene. Sets of coasters can be packed in matching vinyl boxes or wallets.

    Embossed vinyl coasters can also be made using our Flex Image process.

    Put your name on the table at every meeting.

  • Corporate Badges

    Gravoply badges can be made in a range of sizes and colours, with your name and logo printed to your requirements. The back can be fitted with a straight pin or a combination pin and clip. They can be engraved with members individual names and position.

    As a cheaper alternative badges can be made from white polystyrene and names can be written with a felt-tip pen.

    We also make conference name card holders, security pass envelopes and promotional buttons.

    Put your corporate badge on a Preview corporate badge.

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  • Door Hangers

    We custom manufacture “Do not disturb” signs for hotel/motel guest room doors. They are usually double sided with “Please service my room” one side and “Do not disturb” on the other. They can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the hotel’s doors. These are part of the range of products we make for the hospitality industry such as room key tags, menu covers and room service compendiums.

    We carry the following in-stock options available at
    110mmW x 210mmH, 65mm diameter opening fits all styles of door handles.Red, Gold, Silver & Black.

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