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  • Wine Bottle Tags

    If you are planning a retail promotion for wine or liqueur bottles we can manufacture many products to help.

    Two bottles or a 750ml and a smaller or miniature bottle can be joined with a polypropylene strap. We have produced small pouches to hang from the wine bottle neck to hold promotional items.

    There are many ways that we can make attention grabbing labels to hang on the bottles. Also see our pages onswing tags and shelf talkers.

    Preview Plastics modern ideas to promote vintage wines.

    For more information or prices e-mail us direct;

  • Wine Bottle Packaging

    For that special wine promotion or gift boxing, we manufacture a variety of wine bottle packages.

    The choice of plastic is usually polypropylene for its toughness, versatility and range of translucent colours.

    Carry boxes can be for single or multiple bottles. We have also produced crystal clear boxes for smaller liqueur bottles.

    Preview Plastics products that will go nicely with any good wine.

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  • Safety Signage

    From Fire Extinguisher to Exit signs we can custom made a sign to suit your requirements, made from various materials such as Polypropylene, ABS or even Rigid PVC to supply your art work for a quote email us now!

  • Machine Dust Covers

    We custom manufacture vinyl dust covers for business and office machines. They can have sewn or welded seams and as an option the edges can be reinforced with bias binding tape as shown in the photo below. The material can be clear or frosty, thin soft PVC or thicker material to suit the application. As with all our products they can be printed to your specifications.

    Use a dust cover don’t let dust cover your product

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  • Bonnet Protectors

    Anyone who services or repairs vehicles needs a fender guard – to protect the vehicle and their reputation. Printed advertising can promote – oil companies, crash repairers, vehicle accessories, motor companies.

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  • Aprons

    Hard wearing protective PVC aprons with sewn on bias binding or plain cut edge.

    Printed to your specifications. Plastic aprons are ideal for the food or catering applications, or unique promotional items.

    As seen on Channel 9’s “Out Of The Blue” for Angelakis Bros.

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  • Sample Swatch Holders

    For carpet, fabrics, vinyls etc. Made from tough polypropylene or welded vinyl. Can be fitted with carrying handles or hooks to hang on display rails. Hole punching, printing and sizes made to order.

    If you’ve a range to select from, choose Preview Plastics.

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  • Breathing Appartus (BA) Control Boards

    Keep track of your Breathing Apparatus (BA) operators simply and effectively.

    Breathing Apparatus control boards (BA board) are designed to save lives when fighting fires by keeping track of the time a firefighter has been using an oxygen cylinder.

    Designed in conjunction with fire fighting organisations, our BA boards are used widely throughout Australia.

    Available in standard configurations (pricing detailed below) or custom made and printed to your specific requirements.

    Please call or email with your details for pricing on stock and custom options.

  • Stencils

    Made from damage and solvent resistant polypropylene, these marking stencils can be use to label wool bales, cardboard cartons, timber etc. They can be used with marking ink rollers, brushes or spray paint systems. The chemical and solvent resistant plastic enables then to be cleaned as often as required.

    Although fine details are not recommended, the designs can include logos and various lettering styles.

    Preview Plastics will help you from markup to market.

    For more information or prices e-mail us direct;

  • Satchels

    From simple vinyl conference folders to deluxe leather look zip satchels we cater for a broad range of budgets and requirements.

    Prestige brief case style for product presentation.

    Custom sizes for product or information packs.

    Satchels of rigid polypropylene cut flat and clipped together for archive boxes, art portfolios etc.

    Options include press studs, velcro dots, clip catches, plastic handles and card pockets.

    For more information or prices e-mail us

  • Desk Mats

    There are many uses for desk mats and table mats , so we manufacture many different types.

    Some are used for advertising on counter tops, these can be screen printed or an offset printed card can be sealed underneath a layer of clear vinyl.

    Counter mats can include pockets to hold pads such as deposit or withdrawal forms etc.

    Place mats for restaurants can be digital, foil or screen printed, have an open pocket for the menu or special of the day or encapsulate a printed sheet.

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  • Custom Boxes

    If you have a product that needs a special case or box, chances are we can design and manufacture a product to suit.

    Working in PVC or polypropylene depending on the requirements, boxes can be fitted with moulded inserts or cut foam to hold products in place. We can fit handles, catches, velcro etc.

    Projects we have completed include packaging for: tools, instruments, books, archives, first aid kits, bottles, games etc.

    Preview Plastics… all round quality in a square box.

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  • Compendiums

    Vinyl compendiums are useful for hotel/motel guest rooms for service directories, menus etc. In the tri-fold version the information is held behind a clear pocket on each of the three surfaces, in the single fold version multiple clear pages can be added in the center. All these products are custom made to your requirements so paper inserts can be sealed behind a clear layer and extra pockets can be added to hold business cards etc.

    We make a range of products for hotels including key tags, menu covers, table mats, coasters etc.

    For more information or prices e-mail us

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