Why Audit Bags

  • The Audit Evidence Exhibit Bag protects against tampering of evidence, providing law enforcement officers the integrity they deserve
  • The bag is made of tough impermeable plastic and has a patented tamper proof sealing system. The seal incorporates a multiple sequential closure security device.
  • This device provides a record of openings and a chain of evidence, enabling unauthorised entry to be detected and authorised entry to be recorded.

Who can use Audit Bags

Federal Police
Attorney General’s Department
Security Services
State Police
Medical Institutions
Legal Agencies
Financial Institutions
Testing Laboratories
Confidential Couriers
Remand Centres

How is the Audit Bag different?

Compared to similar products, Audit Bag provides the following, unique, features;

  • Patented tamper proof secure adhesive closure system
  • Unique numbering system to ensure each bag is recorded and accounted
  • Secure record writing area

How can the Audit Bag be traced?

Each bag carries a unique number which is accountable and recordable making record tracing and matching easy.

When should I use an Audit Bag?

Whenever you are responsible for securing an exhibit or property.

Items should be placed in the bag immediately after seizure, the record completed and the bag sealed. This provides the best chain of evidence or audit trail to reduce doubt of authenticity.

How can Audit Bag help your Budget?

When you consider the costs incurred from complaints during audits, hand-overs and court challenges due to inconsistent evidence management, Audit Bag saves considerable costs by providing a track-able and reliable tamper proof sealing device.


The Audit Evidence Exhibit Bag was designed in conjunction with the National Police Research Unit (NPRU) and Techsearch Inc. of SA.

The following document by Mr Des Berwick, Executive Officer of the National Police Research Unit, details the development and application of the Audit Evidence Exhibit Bag.

Click here to download the original NPRU document *


Police Integrity Commission
New South Wales Police Service
Queensland Police
National Crime Authority
Raaf Police Security Centre
Australian Federal Police
Victorian Police Department
SA Police Department
New South Wales Dept of Corrective Services
Ministry of Premier & Cabinet
Australian Fisheries Management Authority
Department of Administrative and Information Services
Technical Support Unit
National Registration Authority
Arthur Robinson & Hedderwicks
Department of Juvenile Justice